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About Us

Frank Mills

Frank comes to Laboratory Associates, LLC / from the clinical laboratory field where he spent 32 years as an Account Executive and Toxicology Consultant.

His years in the clinical laboratory arena give him a unique perspective in the chemical manufacturing industry in regards to environmental and human health issues.

Gerhard Weber

Education – Chemist with 29 years in the automotive adhesive business.

Gerhard has 2 patents on water base underbody products. He is the founder and owner of Chemical Technology, Inc (CTI) since 1985.

Keith V. Leigh-Monstevens

Keith has over 40 years of experience in the Automotive Industry.

He was born in England, graduated high school 1964 and served an indentured Engineering Apprenticeship with the Automotive Products Group LTD. He attended Warwickshire Technical College and earned a degree in mechanical engineering. He also went on to study Automotive Engineering, Polymers and Processes.

Keith is the inventor of over 110 patents, domestic and international. He move to the USA in 1981 as Chief Engineer of AP USA and became a US citizen in 2001.

Has held various positions including Project Engineer, Divisional Chief Engineer, Engineering Manager, Chief Engineer, Director of Engineering and Director of Business Development.

Member in 5 professional societies.

Born in the USA

is a company in America, owned by and operated by Americans with products made in America that are practical, useful and will not harm the environment. We at and Laboratory Associates are committed to protecting the environment for our children for years and years to come. “Born in the USA” is more than just a song, it's a commitment.

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